Installing GPM

Note: this is entirely optional.

Git Package Management (GPM) allows you to load MODX extras directly from a local folder. This means that changes to your extra will be reflected in your installation immediately. GPM also takes care of building transport packages of your extra, so they can be installed with the regular MODX installer. You can manually distribute these packages if you prefer to keep them private, or add them to the MODX extras repository.


  • An existing Romanesco project
  • Composer


We'll be starting in the root directory of your Romanesco project.

Clone my fork of GPM into packages/gpm/:

mkdir packages/gpm
git clone packages/gpm

Install GPM:

cd packages/gpm/cli/
composer install
chmod +x bin/gpm
./bin/gpm gpm:install --corePath=/PATH_TO_YOUR_PROJECT/core/

You probably need to update the assets_url path under System Settings, so it loads the proper assets for the CMP. You can find it under the GPM namespace.

Also clear your cache. You should now be able to access GPM under Extras.