Collect feedback with Ybug

Romanesco contains an option to load a feedback widget (provided by Ybug). The widget can be used in MODX, or on the frontend.

Through this widget, editors can quickly file a report when they find a bug or have a question. The report contains a screenshot of the viewport and can be annotated in the browser. After adding a title and optional description, the report is sent to Ybug. MODX username and email are automatically attached.

Manager feedback

By default, the widget is activated in MODX and the report is sent to the Ybug account of Fractal Farming. Feel free to flood me with any feedback you might have!

Privacy notice

The Ybug report contains some personal information:

  • Your MODX username
  • Your email address
  • Your location (country only)
  • Info about your OS, browser and viewport
  • A screenshot of the viewport in MODX (with any annotations you may have added)

The received reports are visible in a public Kanban board.

If you wish to disable the feedback widget in MODX, you can do so with the romanesco.manager_feedback system setting.

Collect feedback yourself

If you want to receive the reports yourself, you can create your own Ybug account (they have a generous free tier) and use that instead. Simply create a project there and replace the project ID in the romanesco.ybug_project_id system setting with your own.

Frontend feedback

If you want to receive feedback about your project, you can also add the widget to the frontend itself. Please create a Ybug account + project as mentioned above.

Then place the following example somewhere in your template (the headAdditional chunk is a good place). It checks if there is an active user session first (using the isEditor snippet), so that the button is only visible for logged in editors.

    &then=`$feedbackWidgetJS? &project_id=`YOUR_PROJECT_ID``

You don't have to forward a project_id to the widget if you changed the romanesco.ybug_project_id system setting already. But you can define different projects in Ybug this way if you prefer, for frontend and backend.

Happy debugging!