Flush obsolete chunks from elements tree

If your Romanesco installation is directly connected to the romanesco-patterns GPM package, then chances are that after a while, your Romanesco categories will contain chunks that have already been removed from the library. So these are empty chunks, because the static file is no longer there.

If you want to clean up your Romanesco folders, walk through the following steps to flush them out:

  • Backup!
  • Move main categories (atoms, molecules, organisms) out of Romanesco category
  • Update GPM package
  • This will leave only the deprecated elements outside of the Romanesco directory
  • Remove them
  • Run Gitify build categories --force to restore original categories
  • Update GPM package again
  • Restore autoincrement value of categories table
  • Extract and commit Soil

Probably works for other elements too, but didn't try that yet.